SSB 2017 Band notes

SSB PROGRAMME ORDER (evening) 2017 with band notes

7pm-8.15pm @ the Horncastle Arena


Justice Brass (item)

Massed Items:  

Do Whatcha Wanna by Rebirth Brass Band Justice Brass (plus rhythm section if needed to hold it together)

July by Michael Bell Bass and drums (and keyboard to reinforce recorders/marimbas if needed)

Marimba Pieces:

Catchbottle by Jon Madin

Tennessee Blues by Leah Munroe

Fizzy Pop by Gerard Van de Geer

Mojo by Walt Hampton

Carribean Calypso by Leah Munroe

Recorder Pieces

Londonderry Air Trad arr Richard Oswin

Stille Stille German Folk Song arr Brent M Holl

Beginners Beguine by Brian Bonsor

Ukulele and Recorder

Te Aroha by Moe Ruka arr Judith Bell

Shiner’s Fancy and Shores of Lyttelton By Phil Garland


Budapest by George Ezra

Big Aroha by The Slacks

Something in the Water by Brooke Fraser

Cape Reinga by Anouk van Dijk

Voice Co Item

Massed item:

Star Wars by John WIlliams arr Michael Bell Bass, guitar and drums, (and keyboard to reinforce recorders/marimbas if needed)