About Strum Strike and Blow 2020-2021

Strum, Strike and Blow is an exciting amalgamation of the ChCh Marimba Festival and ChCh Uke Fest which will feature over 1000  students playing marimbas, ukuleles.  The Festival is run by Music Education Canterbury and Christchurch Civic Music Council and is in its 8th year and has usually been held in the Horncastle Arena.

Once schools have registered they are given access to the music which will generally involve 4-5 individual pieces for ukuleles, recorders and marimba and a couple of massed items for all three groups of instruments.

The music caters for all levels of experience and when performed live at the festival event, is backed by a professional band.

We run workshops for teachers and have plenty of rehearsal material available.

This year we are not taking the risk of organising a culminating event with our typically  large gathering of over 3,000 people. This is due to the Covid-19 level restrictions, so we are instead, looking forward to performing some of this year’s repertoire next year – and we hope all students will feel welcome to take part next year. We are also working on a plan to offer an opportunity for schools and students to submit their performance of selected repertoire on video to get edited into a new distance-appropriate, massed, virtual performance video!

Schools can register for this festival through the registration page (click here).

Check out some feedback from previous years here.

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors:

Music Education Canterbury

The Robert and Barbara Stewart Charitable Trust